Mission: To Provide quality Music Education while an creating an intentionally diverse, multicultural music community which promotes love, respect, and unity.


Music is life. It’s everywhere – in raindrops and rolling railway cars, in the rattles of a lone refrigerator in the hot African night, the click of Pepsi caps on young dancer’s heels in the New Orleans streets, a baby’s sigh, an oil can banged into a steel drum, and the very beat of your heart and rhythm of your own breath.

This is what inspires me and sustains me in my pursuit of creating songs and production; to capture the story, the emotion, the trials and tribulations, the truth about the human experience, and channel it so it can be a transformative experience for all those who hear. I seek to assist others to discover the force inside them, to create and express, to find their voice, to realize the visions in their head and make them come to life. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in all of us.

C Note Productions is here to help inspire and educate artists of all ages and skill levels to perform at their very best. From fundamental foundations such as music lessons all the way to song-writing and music production, C Note Productions can help you become the artist you’ve always wanted to become.

My pursuits have taken me from singing and playing blues in Detroit, to Jazz in New Orleans, from touring France with an acoustic African drum/folk ensemble, playing amphitheaters in Central America, to singing soul at Apache Cafe and making Hip Hop tracks in Atlanta. I love music in all its manifestations. I love to pull the song out of someone and work it until it’s right, and I love that when it’s real and from the heart, it crosses all boundaries and brings people together.

-Courtney La CiReine