Music Lessons (piano, guitar, voice, drums, woodwinds, theory)

Lessons are offered for all levels and ages in a variety of styles. The student’s personal goals and interests are assessed to develop a curriculum designed to give a strong foundation in technique, music literacy, ear training, and theory, while simultaneously focusing on the genre specific skills needed to achieve their musical goals.


Classes in songwriting are offered for beginners as well as the more seasoned artist who needs assistance perfecting and polishing their craft. Students are taken through the entire songwriting process from start to finish. Topics covered in songwriting include song forms, function of song sections, brainstorming themes and material, lyric writing, chord progressions, melodic phrasing, rhythm, meter, diction, rhyming, and transitions.

Artist Development

The artist development program is designed to take those interested in becoming a recording/performing artist to the next level; to develop their own original material to be compiled and crafted into a CD. Artist development works to discover, hone, and cultivate one’s own unique voice and musical sound. This includes vocal coaching, song-writing, technique, music production, performing/stage presence, and use of recording software. The goal is to take someone with a desire and some ideas into a fully polished artist with a unique brand and musical sound and a finished product (album/song/ep).


Production services include making a full song/soundscape for an artist, an accompaniment track for a singer, adding the ‘bells and whistles’ on a song already written to make it complete, creating an unique arrangement of a song, and everything in between. This can include strings, synths, beats, leads, keys, bass, etc. Production is assessed and tailored to each client’s needs.

Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching is an in studio service designed to work with mental and physical state of an artist to get the best possible performance for making a great CD or live performance. This can include breathing techniques, articulation, dynamics, visualization, open vowel techniques, diction, phrasing, stretching, jaw placement, warm up exercises. C Note productions can come to your recording session, or you can come for an in house session.


$150/month for weekly Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Artist Development, Songwriting, Production, and Recording.  This includes monthly community events : open mics, recitals, artist showcases, songwriting workshops, band rehearsals, and musician jam sessions.