Student/Parent Testimonials

“My daughter Michaela has been taking guitar and voice from Courtney for over a year now and we just love her. She has learned so much and has become so passionate about her music thanks to Courtney. My younger daughter Jessica recently started taking voice from Courtney and it is amazing how fast she is improving. After two lessons people started noticing a big difference in her vocal diction. We really appreciate Courtney and can’t imagine taking lessons with anyone else.”
~Cindy Thomas

“I have worked with Courtney for 2 years for piano/voice. We also work on singer/songwriter classes. Courtney is a fantastic teacher who works with each student to understand his or her goals. We have made great progress over the past 2 years and have worked on pop/rock songs, pedal techniques, composing arrangements, vocal exercises to name just a few. Courtney has so much world experience and can relate to so many styles of music and makes each student feel at ease. While my brother was composing a Bollywood project, she was able to quickly comprehend the style and appeal and help him win a spot in the NFMS album. When it comes to voice, Courtney knows how to push each student’s ability and bring out the best. I went to Courtney to focus mostly on singer/songwriter classes but she has helped me on delivery, presentation, ABRSM review to name a few. Courtney is a true musician who live and breathes music and can relate to so many styles. She is an amazing teacher and very gifted!”
~Archith Seshadri

“Courtney is a knowledgeable and exceptional music teacher and mentor. She has done a great job with my two girls as she helped them develop their singing talents and prepared them for auditions and open mic events. She goes out of her way to help with her students’ specific musical goals and needs. She is as pleasant as she is talented.”
~Grace de Koekkoek

“My daughter Theresa took piano lessons from Courtney Rinehart for 7 years. But it was so much more than the outstanding level of piano instruction; Courtney inspired and mentored Theresa to extend her musical abilities not only in piano but also in other ways. She encouraged Theresa’s self-confidence which enabled my daughter to excel in other instruments besides piano, learn to write music, and achieve the position of drum major in the high school band. I wholeheartedly recommend Courtney as a teacher and mentor of young people. Her students will learn not only piano & music but also life lessons from her.”
~Barbara Kilian

“We have known Ms. Courtney Rinehart for nearly 10 years now. She first began teaching piano to my daughter, Varsha when she was in 2nd grade and later to my son, Kaushal. Not only is Ms. Courtney a very talented musician and singer, but she is also passionate about music. She has been instrumental in instilling this sense of passion and love for music/piano in both my children. My children never complain about piano lessons and they eagerly practice for the same. Playing the piano has become a relaxing activity to both my kids and we thank her for that. Besides being an exceptional teacher, she is also wonderful with my children- challenging them to push their limits and try harder. She brings out the best in them. I am often amazed when I see my children interacting with her as I see a side of their personality which I would not have ever seen before! She has been a very strong and positive influence on them and also serves as a friend and mentor as well. We wish Ms. Courtney the very best always…The Gokares.”
~Shilpa Gokare

“Courtney Rinehart is a phenomenal music teacher and she is also a fabulous human being. In the 8th grade my son was burned out after 4 years of guitar instruction. I found Courtney and made the switch. It was one of the best and most fulfilling decisions I have made in my life. Courtney quickly taught my son to confidently sing and to trust his voice. Over the next 4 years she helped him develop his God-given abilities and she helped him acquire a genuine love for music. I am a lifetime member of the Courtney Rinehart fan club.”
~Patrick Walsh

“We cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Courtney!! She has made a lasting imprint on both Nick’s life and mine that we will treasure for a lifetime. She has been an incredible teacher, mentor, and advisor to Nick. He has blossomed, both as a musician and as a person, under her tutelage and mentorship, and his self-confidence as a musician has flourished. Courtney is a very special person and teacher, and we are very grateful for the time we’ve spent with her at LD.”
~Carrie Gambino

“Jill and I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your past eight years of piano instruction for our daughter Andi. Not only has she excelled in her music development but Andi has learned a love of the Arts and a work ethic that carries over to her school work as well. We never have to ask her to practice and importantly to do homework from school. If you will recall, Andi came to you at seven years old very shy and timid as an adopted child from Russia. Clearly she is no longer shy and we know that your love, friendship, patience and talent has helped develop her into the well balanced young woman she is today. Who would have thought that our little one would be composing music as well as playing brilliantly. Courtney, you have a gift!”
~Joe & Jill Smith (aka: Andi’s parents)

“Courtney always encourages me to do my best, strive for the best and go out of my comfort zone, but does not force anything upon me because she understands I am very shy. She always notifies me about opportunities to perform and show my talents. Courtney is very open-minded and understanding. She is lighthearted and ALWAYS positive and encouraging. Courtney teaches more than just reading and playing music, she teaches creativity in song writing, and developing our own style. Courtney is very complimentary and notices each individual’s talent and good qualities. Courtney is an amazing and talented song writer and makes it seem effortless. Courtney is very easy to understand when she explains things. Courtney always has answers to my questions and loves answering them. Courtney is more than a music/piano/guitar teacher to me, she is a role model and a mentor to me as well.”
~Erica Beasley

“Courtney was an amazing music instructor. I was her student for 6 years and I took piano, voice and guitar lessons from her. she was very knowledgable and was able to teach me to play and read music. Her talents overlap and she is able to record music as well. Courtney was one of the most influential people in my life. And I feel she shows this through her music teaching.”
~Laura Levin